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GHNU-34 Dyna Woman After Defeat


GHNU-34 Dyna Woman After Defeat 鉄腕美女ダイナウーマン 大逆転→結局大敗北

The dynawoman who failed in the mission suddenly fell into a big pinch, was blamed by the evil monsters, and suffered to the point of peeling her eyes. And he suffered from electric hell and was questioned for a place in the Amazonian country with an aphrodisiac confession, but Dynawoman did not sell his companion. However, due to the aphrodisiac effect, the evil phallus of General Byle was sucked into his throat and semen was poured into it. The dynawoman seemed to be over, but he seized the chance of a big turnaround! He was a dynawoman who defeated the monsters and generals who tampered with him with the power of anger, but the evil goddess Dark Woman appeared. The dark woman is blamed with the power of evil that is the exact opposite of the dynawoman made with the dynawoman’s DNA. The dynawoman becomes inferior again and is hurt and becomes a big pinch! And the blame of sexual assault begins again, and Dynawoman is eventually defeated …! [BAD END]

GHNU-34 Dyna Woman After Defeat

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