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GHNU-28 DINNOVATOR Strongest Evil Metal Warrior Reigns


GHNU-28 DINNOVATOR Strongest Evil Metal Warrior Reigns 獣甲特装ディノベイター ~最強の悪のメタル戦士君臨~

The “Beast Armor Special Dino Bator”, which fights with the Dino Bator Tector in a reinforced metal armor suit made by combining the power of dinosaurs and the essence of science, is a creature army corps that started invading the earth from the space-time gap. Fight the “Vionator”! Along with her companions Dino Rex / Sota Kozaki and Dino Tops / Masa Midori Kakuhara, Miku Tsubasa, who was a ballerina, transformed into Dino Pteras and was fighting to make use of her physical ability to protect the earth. Witch Delgera separates Tsubasa Miku from her two companions and traps her when she is alone. She was to collect her great energy and activate the metal creature “Rex-Alter”! And the strongest evil warrior was born! !! Dino Rex and Dino Tops are defeated in the battle … And Dino Pteras Tsubasa Miku is also messed up in the battle, and after being defeated, her healthy and beautiful body that has grown up is sexually defeated by President Clarvo. Miku Tsubasa is smeared with her despair and humiliation, and she becomes a captive of sexual pleasure and gives up with SEX acme. [BAD END]

GHNU-28 DINNOVATOR Strongest Evil Metal Warrior Reigns
Date: October 21, 2021

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