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SSIS-413 Raped By Saika Kawakita


SSIS-413 Raped By Saika Kawakita

Saika Kawakita challenges the slut project for the first time! We’ve been alone for about 24 hours since we met at the love hotel in the afternoon! Saika Kawakita keeps being a slut while taking a walk, taking a bath, and brushing her teeth! There is no doubt that you will come to Kyun in the appearance of blaming M man happily with a smiling smile! No matter how many times I ejaculate with such a beautiful woman all day long, I want to be a slut while being told “Isn’t it still fucking?” A documentary work full of one side of Saika Kawakita, which has never been shot before!

Actors: Saika Kawakita

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