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SPRD-1217 Older Wife Before Remarriage Partner Is Still Nice Kyoka Toyohashi


Older Wife Before Remarriage Partner Is Still Nice Kyoka Toyohashi 再婚相手より前の年増な女房がやっぱいいや… 豊橋京佳

It has been several years since I remarried my current wife. My wife was young and free-spirited, and she thought she was cute and married. There was no dissatisfaction with my wife, but due to a certain reason, there has been no frustration in the last few months.

At such a time, I reunited with my wife, Kyoka and his wife. Kyoka’s husband and my wife seemed to be dating before, and my wife started to say that everyone would drink. We were swallowed by his momentum and obeyed his wife. As the four cheers and drank, the wife began to force her husband to drink. My wife was innocent or forcibly, and while I was watching my husband, I was vaguely thinking that my wife couldn’t keep up.

When I noticed, my husband and wife were drunk and fell asleep. This is the cause of my frustration. My wife is drunk every day and sleeps. I knew that when I was married to Kyoka, I knew that Kyoka was fooling around each other’s spouses. I loved you so much that I asked you many times. I became so passionate about Kyoka that I attacked my spouses despite sleeping. Kyoka dislikes, but the sensitive area has not changed, and I continued to attack Kyoka as if to clear the depression …

Actors: Kyoka Toyohashi