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Free JAV SIRO-4194 男子生徒が一度は妄想するおっとりした保健の先生は、想像も出来ないほどのエッチな声を出し.. ネットでAV応募→AV体験撮影 1295 千紗 28歳 保健の先生 片瀬千紗 Katase Chisa

The subject of the first shoot today is 28 years old, Chisa-san, a married woman in her third year of marriage. She is a teacher in the health room and usually wears a white coat. A serious personality can be heard from the way of speaking. The reason why she came to shoot this time was because her husband recommended it. Up until now, he seems to have only had normal sex experience, and he has been showing tension since the beginning. Her breasts, which she emphasizes from the top of her clothes, are big G-cup breasts, and she is ashamed to take off her clothes. Sensitivity is good, and it becomes a lascivious expression as it is rubbed. The body gradually sweated, and the obscene switch seemed to be completely turned on. The joy juice shines from between the hairs that grow quietly, and responds with a loud voice to the caress of the man. “Ahhhhh.. yeah.. ohhhh!!!!!!” A horny married woman who gets wet in the genitals and stains the sofa with the tide. Looking at the hardened cock, he makes a happy expression. “Is it okay to lick..?” Licking the first-run juice from the glans, he cheeks his big cock. Desperately licking a wet meat stick, making a supreme fucking sound while making a sound like a squeak and a squeak. And, erection is inserted into the unfaithful wife who makes an obscene voice just by rubbing the vaginal opening. Although I hold my mouth down by hand so much that it feels so good, a glossy voice that I can’t stand at all leaks into the room. “Ahhh, it feels good!! Ah, go!!!!!” The obscene appearance is shown to the camera and the foolery is shown off. She is not a husband who vowed her lifelong love, she shakes her hips violently on the man whom she met for the first time, and her tongue is hot…

Actors: Chisa Katase