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The subject of the first photo taken today is Akane, a surgeon, 38 years old. She is a married woman in her 8th year of marriage with a lovely smile. She is devoted both publicly and privately, but in fact, she is a lascivious wife who seems to be horny to the man in the gym she attends. She has slender legs under her clothes and she is wearing clean blue pants today. She was made to have M-shaped legs on the sofa and when she took a close look with the camera, she showed an embarrassing expression, and when she groped her erogenous zone and took off her panties, a slippery pussy appeared. When she, who was panting her modestly, was also licked there, she gradually leaked her sigh. A wife looking at the void with a precious gaze. The sound of water and sighs become rough as her fingering becomes fierce. She is made untidy and she licks a penis other than her husband as instructed. Akane panting comfortably if her big cock is inserted. She is tossed by a young man with a delicate body, and she is violently stimulated in her erogenous zone. A wife who exposes her foolery in front of her mirror and panting for a different pleasure …