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Rei Furuse Special Facial Cum Fiesta


Facial Cum Fiesta! Vol.2 – Rei Furuse 顔射でどろべちゃ!ぶっかけ祭り!!Vol.2 – 古瀬玲

Aoi, do you like sperm? Suddenly, when I interviewed Mrs. Akira Furuse, a beautiful woman with a bewitching atmosphere, she said, “I like the warm place. Therefore, this time, it is a continuous bukkake project that fires Tokuno semen on your beautiful face. Let’s get your masturbation off and support your dick. The four dicks that will be seen will erupt, and sperm will fire one after another! A beautiful face is already drool! How about you? “You can’t be satisfied with just your face. Give your pussy a sperm.”

Actors: Rei Furuse