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OYC-174 Enter Into The Circle Rumored As Jaricer


OYC-174 I Thought That He Entered The Yarrisa Was A Yararesa Who Was Eaten By A Woman’s Senior!I Enter Into The Circle Rumored As Jaricer And I Aim For The Death Virginity With A Delusion!And The Long-awaited First Drinking Party!However, I Can Not Change My Character, But Just Talking With A Boy Friend Drinking Party Is Over And Dissolved.But There Is A Goddess! Joined A Slut Social Club And Thought I Would Have A Good Time, But I Ended Up Getting Eaten Alive By These Horny Ladies! I Joined This Social Club Rumored To Be A Slut Club In Hopes Of Getting A Cherry Boy Popping! And Finally The Day Of Our First Drinking Party! But I Can’t Change My Shy Personality, So I Ended Up Drinking And Socializing With The Other Guys, And Then The Party Ended… But Then, A Goddess Appeared Before Me! She Was 2 Years Older But Decided To Come Home With Me… Misa Suzumi, Kou Akemi, Mari Koizumu

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