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MOND-168 Amazing Female Boss Eriko Hiraoka


Amazing Female Boss Eriko Hiraoka

Mr. Hiraoka’s boss who will teach me strictly like my mother kindly like my sister. I had a faint love for such Hiraoka-san. One day I went to a local business trip with Hiraoka and two. The business went on smoothly, and after that I just returned, but the train stopped moving and we were forced to look for a lodging. The hotel I finally found had only one room open and became a shared room. We talk with Mr. Hiraoka while having dinner prepared by the hotel. I also confessed to Mr. Hiraoka that I was prepared for the ball because alcohol was included. She who has a troubled face is also nice, I hugged her and kissed us, we were tied. I got out of the bath and Rieko in a yukata recommended drinking. Rieko stared with wet eyes as she entered the bed to go to bed soon. She got into my futon and started to do some mischief on me and we got over my skin again. The next morning I woke up with Rieko’s kiss. While feeling that yesterday was not a dream, I embraced Rieko with a happy feeling ….

Actors: Eriko Hiraoka

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