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MIAA-299 Tsubasa Hachino Retired Investigator


JAV Online Streaming MIAA-299 Tsubasa Hachino Retired Investigator ~夫の上司に犯●れる最強美女~捜査官を辞めて妻になったのに… 八乃つばさ

Tsubasa, a closed-door organization and special investigation section, has retired from active duty and now has a gentle marriage with his beloved husband. One day, her husband invited him to his house, Abe, a man Tsubasa sent to jail in the past. It is threatened to expose everything to her husband. Day-to-day humiliation that is given to a deep-throated, fucking, toy blame in a house without a husband and revenge. Although he was trained for pleasure, his sensitive constitution could not be changed and he was forcibly replenished by the climax in the crowd.

Actors: Tsubasa Hachino