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GHNU-60 Nozomi Arimura Heroine Complete Destroy


GHNU-60 Nozomi Arimura Heroine Complete Destroy – Impossible Death -Cursed Body

Tsubame Himeno, who had the [Holy Crystal] that was passed down from generation to generation of the predecessor Sailor Princesses in the past, was targeted by the demon king Melchior. The fellow sailor heroines fell into the hands of the enemy one after another, and the only remaining warrior was the princess (Tsubame Himeno). I was spending days crushed by anxiety. Meanwhile, a subpoena from the demon finally arrives at her home. Her home is also known and monitored by demons. There is no escape. Knowing that it is her trap, Tsubame goes to the enemy’s land alone, and she confronts the demon king Melchior. The princess who decides her will wear the power of the crystal that she could not control until now and wipe out the demon soldier. The princess regains her confidence, but Melchior assigns three executives at the same time. She is a princess who is unilaterally damaged without any means to deal with three strong enemies. Melchior curses her immovably weakened princess, leaving her incapable of dying. The princess is repeatedly fatally wounded by her enemies, she revives from the edge of her death many times, she continues to experience the inescapable and accumulating intense pain, and she becomes exhausted. Her demon’s brainwashing hurt her loved ones, and finally she was robbed of the crystal and revived. In front of her loved one who hasn’t met yet, the tattered princess is raped by the demon king Melchior just to confirm her resurrected body … [BAD END]

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GHNU-60 Nozomi Arimura Heroine Complete Destroy
Actors: Nozomi Arimura