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GHNU-35 Female Low-Ranking Ninja Corps


GHNU-35 Female Low-Ranking Ninja Corps 雑魚くノ一軍団 妖華組 ヒーロー陥落

The evil Kunoichi corps, Youkagumi, was ordered to capture the ninja of justice, the sword, from the murder of the chief. Although it approaches with a color scheme at the beginning, it does not work for slashing. There, they succeeded in capturing the sword by making full use of various bewitching ninjutsu that poisoned the body fluids, which they learned through rigorous training, and cross-examined to find out information on the organization of the sword with further lust. do. A sword that endures cross-examination even if his body is tossed and his dignity as a man is hurt. Intense pleasure and torture attack. The fate of the sword! ?? [Kunoichi HAPPY END]

GHNU-35 Female Low-Ranking Ninja Corps