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GHNU-31 Seductive Heroine Shadow Cat


GHNU-31 Seductive Heroine Shadow Cat 色仕掛けヒロイン シャドウキャット 若宮穂乃

A mysterious stone / magic stone that is said to give the power to satisfy all the desires of those who have obtained it. Shadowcat, a phantom thief of justice, has been devoted to a harsh mission to recapture and seal the villains who are trying to use magic stones for evil purposes. The next target she set was the evil scientist Dr. Matsudo. Shadowcat tries to regain the magic stone from Dr. Matsudo, but he falls into a trap and becomes a prisoner. I managed to escape from restraint using the color scheme that is a woman’s weapon, and tried to counterattack with a sexy and powerful attack … [BAD END]

GHNU-31 Seductive Heroine Shadow Cat
Actors: Hono Wakamiya

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