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GHNU-25 Super Heroine Haru Yamaguchi


GHNU-25 Super Heroine Haru Yamaguchi ブルセラストライカー 委員長はスーパーヒロイン 山口葉瑠

Brucella striker, the heroine of justice, who appeared dashingly in a big city where criminal acts are rampant. She was the class president, Maki Maeda. One day, Brucella striker helps his classmate Kent Miki, who was trapped by an evil terrorist. Kent was fascinated when he saw the Brucella striker fighting evil. On the way home from school, Maki passes by Kent looking for a tablet that has been bullied and hidden. Maki finds Kent’s tablet, but there is a Brucella striker on the screen. She tries to talk to Kent, who runs away, but Maki is ordered to subdue the drug organization. The Brucella striker, who has defeated the drug organization, takes off her costume in an empty alley and returns to her appearance as Maki Maeda. However, the situation was voyeur by Kent. Knowing that the Brucella striker is the chairman of the class, Kent quietly reveals her anger with her despair betrayed by her longing heroine. The next day, Maki was called into an empty classroom after school. Kent, who knew her secret, ordered Maki to change into a Brucella striker’s costume in front of her, saying, “If you don’t want to reveal her identity, you know?” She reluctantly changed into a Brucella striker costume. And Kent’s distorted desire was hit by the Brucella striker … [BAD END]

GHNU-25 Super Heroine Haru Yamaguchi
Date: October 21, 2021
Actors: Haru Yamaguchi

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