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EKDV-642 Kururugi Aoi’s Hot Spring


EKDV-642 Kururugi Aoi’s Hot Spring 枢木あおい温泉 ~ボクらはいつだって枢木あおいに癒されたい~

Somewhere in this world, no, somewhere in this world! It is said that there is a legendary hot spring where an angelic woman who heals various anguish and fatigue of men acts as a hot spring … The name of the hot spring is “Aoi Kururugi Onsen”! Aoi Kururugi takes a bath together to heal a man who is exhausted in modern society, sheds his back while listening to worries and complaints, discharges the stress accumulated in the pool with blowjob and sex with sperm, body and mind Can get well! A dreamlike hot spring! A relaxing time alone with Aoi … Enjoy to your heart’s content.

EKDV-642 Kururugi Aoi’s Hot Spring
Actors: Aoi Kururugi

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