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EBOD-914 Fujiko Mio AV Debut


EBOD-914 Fujiko Mio AV Debut

The supernova “Mio Fujiko” in the soap world, who has climbed to the top in the largest entertainment district “Fukuhara” in western Japan, is now in the AV world! No.1 in the boobs section on a certain customs site, No.1 in the number of nominations in the store for 6 consecutive months! (1) A feeling of distance like a lover who treats me with a straightforward feeling (2) G cup pure white extreme beauty body (3) Her reaction is good that the lord ejaculates immediately, and the customer is satisfied Because there are so many, you will want to visit the store many times! Take a look at her Reiwa-style service!

Actors: Fujiko Mio