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CAWD-317 Kurimiya Futaba AV Debut


CAWD-317 Kurimiya Futaba AV Debut

A rough stone that hasn’t been exposed to the sun for a long time! A 20-year-old rising star “Kurimiya Futaba” who took a step forward by admiring the world of AV that he was looking at through his smartphone, although he was not confident in himself because he was shy. I’m shy in Ubu and I’m not good at making eye contact, but I took off my determination in front of the camera for the first time! Growing D-cup boobs, fine skin … Pink areola on a perfect areola! The beautiful hidden body is a super first-class item! If you are curious about sex and polish it, the best talent that shines will debut!

CAWD-317 Kurimiya Futaba AV Debut
Actors: Kurimiya Futaba

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