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ACZD-064 Maeda Mako Secret Peeing


ACZD-064 Maeda Mako Secret Peeing

Enema/holy water idol Mako Maeda is a video collection of selfies and enemas taken at home. As soon as she gets home, she leaks with her pants on, gives an enema of red and white liquid, tries hard to poop pink in her diaper, straddles her smartphone and has a spectacular incontinence. Hang the Irrigator in her room and defecate in a large amount of enema, paper diapers, peeing in the pajamas she was wearing when she was hospitalized and doing laundry, secret incontinence play with various pants and paper diapers. After the enema, a marble is inserted into a glass cup to defecate. In the clean rectum, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants, potatoes … and fresh vegetables were put one after another into the anus and enjoyed extended play. Mako who repeats rehydration while enduring the urge to urinate that has reached the limit. In the end, the incontinent urine that flows from the hem of her white dress makes her feet soaked. She wears paper diapers and goes about her daily life.

Actors: Maeda Mako

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