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ABW-077 Amiri Saito Hospitality Hermitage


ABW-077 Amiri Saito Hospitality Hermitage 絶対的下から目線 おもてなし庵 従順小町 斎藤あみり 19

Amiri Saito serves sincerely at a high-class Japanese-style salon [Omotenashian]. A membership salon that runs quietly in a hot spring town in the mountains. Amiri, the young proprietress, embodies the world-class “hospitality” of Japan with all her heart! The old favor is welcomed by open leg masturbation. Lick all over the body from the sole of the foot to the anal, and welcome the warped customer’s meat stick with a wet vagina. A rich and immediate service for new customers’ memorable first visit. Squeeze all the accumulated sperm and deliver the pleasure of dreaming! For the satisfaction of our customers, we will spare no effort to devote all of this to ourselves! “Obedient Komachi”, which has both eros and intelligence, provides customers with a blissful time!

ABW-077 Amiri Saito Hospitality Hermitage
Actors: Saito Amiri

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