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530DG-016 #04 新歓コンパでビルの非常階段でヤリ捨てされ、泣き寝入りする女子大生たち

Yarisa (Yari Purpose Circle) A general term for circles whose main purpose is to interact with the opposite sex and have a sexual relationship in the name of club activities. There are also malicious Yarisa who use alcohol or medicine ○ to force unwanted sexual intercourse or group sexual intercourse. The joint party sponsored by Yarisa was a hotbed of mud ○ le ● pu! A real report on the so-called new student drinking party! Crimes are committed day and night, anywhere. It is a daily occurrence that the devil organizers and executives are enthusiastic about it! The situation was inherited and shared by the circle members from generation to generation. Women who are thrown away on the emergency stairs of a multi-tenant building and fall asleep. This time, please see the video of a certain Yarisa who has not yet become an incident. Damage # 1 Plump busty erotic gals are prey! !! !! The effect of the medicine ○ has completely tripped. Bare white eyes, covered with saliva, covered with tide, violently fucked and vaginal cum shot, and finally poi on the spot! The number of damages was 5. Damage # 2 Slender whitening shaved beauty. This girl is completely drunk … For some reason, even if she says “I don’t like it, I don’t like it!” At the end, finish with standing back and poi! The number of damages was 5. Damage # 3 A child like a neat and clean lady. She probably isn’t used to drinking alcohol. Both the upper mouth and the lower mouth are closed and vaginal cum shot is made while being absent-minded! The dripping sperm is erotic. Poi as it is! !! The number of damages was 5. [This work # 4] A serious girl who seems to have just moved to Tokyo from the countryside. She’s poorly completely ●● Well, she’s crying but blowing to the tide, and it’s tempting to see her strangled and inserted. At the end, of course, poi on the emergency stairs! The number of damages was 5.


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