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498DDHP-005 Wasn’t She Too Busy With Her Work To Study? I Was Panting Because I Was Back Blamed In The Treatment Room While Knowing That I Was Violating The Terms [Shiro (20), 4 Months After Entering The Shop]

Contents of play: treatment, cowgirl, missionary, back, missionary, vaginal cum shot

Synopsis: Currently, I am the owner of several men’s beauty salons in Tokyo. By the way, this time, as a reminder, we have decided to use this opportunity to release the footage of the camera that was installed in advance in the room of the therapist who violated our terms of service (actual act). Today’s post is “Shiro”, 4 months after entering our store. As an active nursing student, she was diligent in her studies on a daily basis. However, medical schools are expensive. I didn’t know if she was on a scholarship or what her parents said, but at the time of the interview, I knew that she was working at the store at least for her career. I heard directly from the mouth of We also want to support her dreams as much as possible, so we usually actively give her free customers, and recommend her to those who are unsure about choosing her therapist. I was doing support to become. However, this time, the camera installed in her room recorded the appearance of her leading to the actual act with the customer, and her trust was lost. As far as I can see from the video, she did not receive any money from her, so it is presumed that she was having sex for free and just to satisfy her desires. By the way, it has been vaginal cum shot. No matter how busy she was with her studies and men’s esthetics, she couldn’t hide her surprise because she didn’t realize that she had accumulated so much. I feel very sorry for her, who has been supporting her. She asked her to leave the store, and she took this opportunity to release the video. Please confirm with her own eyes what kind of treatment was done specifically. [Comment from the shop] Her gentle smile in her big eyes and her single-minded desire to bring healing to her customers will surely captivate you. She has a bright personality, but also has a calm elegance. And the feeling of being slightly fluffy is irresistibly cute. She makes me feel happy just by being with her, and I recommend her with confidence because she is a woman who is loved by men and women of all ages. Please spend such a blissful time with her.

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