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483DAM-010 [Shimbashi] Yu-san [Married woman Menes]

This work is an esthetic voyeur document of a voyeur-loving soup actor who divorced because he likes esthetics too much and marries an esthetician. ――――― [Miss Menes this time] ・ Yu-san, her 32-year-old huge breasts & yellowtail ass married woman! ○ ・ Production negotiation difficulty: ○ ・ Sensitivity: Bikuiki Dosukebe ○ [Fee] Shimbashi certain married woman men’s beauty salon ・ 120 minutes lower body intensive oil course ¥ 25.000 ・ Nomination fee ¥ 2.000 [Impression] First in search of reliable erotic tech and flesh Married woman men’s shop! The one who came is a glamor sister with huge breasts and hips! The treatment costume is also a perfect score with a super mini skirt and erotic knitting tights! The feel of knitted tights seems to be addictive. The ass that shakes when you poke it in the back, the boobs that rub against you at the woman on top posture, the leaking sigh and the pant voice are serious and the best! !! !! I made a mess, and at a later date, I succeeded in making an appointment for an out-of-store date. Tadaman! !! !! Menes, after all the best! !! !! !! ――――― * This work is recorded in 4K high quality. Therefore, it is recorded with higher image quality than general voyeur works, but the image quality varies depending on the playback environment of the customer. Thank you for your understanding. * Please refrain from writing personal names, place names, facility names, etc. in the review column that will help identify the performers.