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481SACZ-096 Chiharu 2

Three years ago, Chiharu left the Lord without telling anything. He was swallowed by the perverted libido that training brought, and he was afraid of his change. However, the old wounds of her pleasure carved into her body invited her again to her Lord. When she presents the cock after culminating many times, Chiharu begins her cheek service without saying anything. The mouth licking that makes you enjoy the feel of the rod throughout her mouth is so neat that you can thoroughly taste it. She repeatedly lifts her mouth and twists herself as she gropes her genitals, which may have been aroused by her inferiority. She doesn’t know where her sexual desire of Chiharu, who once burned up, will stay. She uses her vagina and her mouth to constantly devour her Lord’s fluids. Her greed to suck up the cock dirty with her own love juice and suck out the semen left in her urethra exceeds her before. Of course, after drinking everything, Chiharu proudly showed her mouth. Her expression conveys the joy of releasing her desires. She orders urination in the bathroom. For Chiharu, who grew up severely disciplined, her public pissing orders are close to torture. However, behind her expression distorted by her shame, the joy of obeying her Lord’s command can be seen. After her urine had run out, a clearly different liquid pulled a string and tied her floor to Chiharu’s dick. When her body is tightened by her restraint, Chiharu’s masochistic feeling is further enhanced. Chiharu, who can’t move her, has no choice but to leave herself to the pleasures of the vibration of the remote control vibrator. Her estrus her genitals began to live in earnest, and she repeatedly and violently bounced her limbs. Mucus overflows from her vaginal opening like a broken faucet and is so moist that it seems to drip on the floor. Deep throat with a slight deep throat while repeating acme with a vibe. Instead of being suppressed, she goes from herself to her throat. Her vibes torture does not end even if her drinking and cum are over. Flicking her vibes with her toes causes her body to twist grandly with a masochist scream.


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