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481SACZ-095 Chiharu 1

Three years ago, Chiharu left the Lord without telling anything. He was swallowed by the perverted libido that training brought, and he was afraid of his change. However, the old wounds of her pleasure carved into her body invited her again to her Lord. Chiharu immediately estrus when she sticks out her ass in a thong on her chair and stimulates her genitals with her shoehorn while mocking her words. She gives her an electric massage machine and allows her to masturbate, and in a blink of an eye she culminates over and over again. She moves to bed and has her collar, a proof of her livestock. Her carefree expression disappears from Chiharu, and her euphoric gaze is directed at the camera as if her female was switched on. Even though she left her, she seems to have eaten her deposit for several years. She gets acme in a blink of an eye just by relentlessly fingering her sensitive nipples. Chiharu, who has returned to her complete sexual intercourse ●● body, spreads her hairless genitals in front of her camera and climaxes her screaming with the stimulation of her Lord’s fingers. ..


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