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420STH-001 UI (20)

The tits are very big. It ’s a J cup. Her first person is “I”. She has never had sex with anyone other than her boyfriend, but the subculture-oriented girl is erotic! BL-loving plump (& plump.) The character is quite strong, but I will do my best to have sex! The runaway character with liquor heats up even more, and it doesn’t become a very erotic air! “Do you like SEX?” “How about touching a dick?” I didn’t bring it home, or shame until the last generation! !! With all my strength as a lover, while kissing, I reached for J milk … It breaks through forcibly while being refused cunnilingus in front of the shower. From zero erotic elements, the sensitivity is too good and the character gap is too erotic. Blow happily saying “Is Gaman juice coming out?” A strong pant voice that the character blows away by doing one shot on the sofa. It fell by the time I screamed “I like Oku !!” in bed. Don’t stay overnight today, stay home!

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