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Hello, I’m Uncle Lori, a “domestic affair” who collects incest videos from all over the country. A daughter who loves dad with a very cute mouth and cheeks appears in a daughter rape full of immorality! !! This time we will deliver the state of incest that occurred in Mr. Suzuki who lives in Saitama. I’m already erected by a very cute Asu-chan, but my dad is more excited, so I’d like to keep calm and deliver it to everyone. The world is in a mood of self-restraint due to the influence of the Kona virus. Even if you can’t go out with two good friends, let’s make a lot of close contact in the house! !! With that feeling, I will educate adolescent Asu-chan a lot. High school ● grader who is estimated to be 150 cm tall and still young. Breasts and ma-ko are developing steadily with a good feeling … It seems that you can chewy just by imagining. Teka High School ● If you’re a grader, you’re in the middle of youth, no, it’s not “youth” but “sex spring” or laughter, and aside from the boring gag, Asu-chan in the middle of sex spring is still in the middle of youth. Inexperienced in sex! !! What a hell! !! Is this still a chance for everyone? !! I will finish the long promotion and go into the details of the video. [Uniform] Cardigan knit (white, gray) in uniform A duffle coat that looks good on Asu-chan and a scuba loafer. It feels like a royal road JK that is everywhere. Tiny. It’s cute even on the royal road. But it’s good because the royal road is not out of place. The loungewear is a very defenseless T-shirt and shorts. You can see everything just by shifting a little. No, you can see it. Everyone wants to see it. The video time is about 120 minutes, the person’s appearance everyday finger licking, chest chiller, panchira, in the bath ●● pee, masturbation next to the sleeping daughter, forcible incest from the father, squirrel swimsuit sex from everyday like this I am sending you a record of my daughter’s growth to the extraordinary. I’m looking forward to it! The uncle’s over there is already swollen with just the contents. Next, I will explain the contents in detail. ① For your favorite dad and aquarium. When Asu-chan takes a selfie or takes a picture of her dad, it looks like a close parent and child! !! After that, I went to a family restaurant on my way home from the aquarium. My dad taking a picture of her daughter’s mouth is getting more and more excited and licking the food on her fingers. ② Take a bath with each other and wash the pussy and dick cleanly in every corner! !! When I was soaking in the bathtub together, there was something wrong with Asu-chan’s appearance … She reported that her urge to urinate had reached the limit, saying, “I want to go to the bathroom.” Pean when I see my shy daughter! !! Daddy came up with it. Wait, can you see your favorite daughter’s pee (holy water) here? ?? ?? By the way, isn’t it a daddy genius? ?? Yes, I’m a genius. My uncle will follow you for the rest of my life. I’m glad I took a bath with my favorite Asu-chan and saw her pee! ③ Asu-chan, who has a cute sleeping face, is an angel who has a cute sleeping breath? I’m checking if my dad is sleeping properly by touching the face of such an angel. Hey, what are you going to do to the angel there who is sleeping comfortably? If you do something strange, your uncle will get angry! !! I don’t think so lol The devil in my uncle was waiting for me now or now. The elasticity of the skin of a young child is amazing. I’m sure the tightening over there is amazing, so I tried to connect it with a mystery. I wondered if I could crawl at night with this, but I wanted to bring a dick to the side of my daughter’s face and just rub it. But soon after that, my uncle’s over there became a bun! !! Because my sleeping face is cute. That alone made me erection. Finish on the tissue placed next to it! !! !! No, the momentum of ejaculation is so great that plenty of semen is stuck in my daughter’s hair! !! !! At the end, cheek on Asu-chan’s cheeks and good night. ④ However, I’m already attacking Asu-chan with my dad’s limit and my heart as a demon! !! Where did your healthy dad go? Run through the royal road from a rich kiss to handjob, blowjob, Irama, fingering, cunnilingus and insertion in a straight line! !! All that remains is to insert! !! I can’t see Asu-chan, who hates me, anymore. It’s the moment everyone has been waiting for! Daddy’s bloated dick pits into her daughter’s vagina! !! Once you’re in, it’s your dad’s turn. Poke with Bakobako! !! (My vagina will break) My daughter, who didn’t know her sex until now, was only screaming at first, but her body’s reaction gradually changed to an adult woman. Did you remember the pleasures? The reaction was bicubic … I wonder if Asu-chan’s over there has become more sensitive. Daddy is excited to see her daughter feel! !! At the end, daddy’s thick sperm is shot into her vagina and it ends. No, daddy is doing vaginal cum shot suddenly. I felt the love of two parents. ⑤ Asu-chan was changed into a swimsuit. No, cute, purely cute, and a shy look is also good. “I wore a swimsuit for the first time in two years …” said Asu-chan. She looked so obedient that she had an uncle’s nosebleed. I’m walking around the house with such an embarrassing appearance. Then, suddenly I was sprinkled with condensed milk! picture? condensed milk? That’s condensed milk. It’s a projectile used when eating delicious strawberries. Daddy desperately licks so as not to spill the condensed milk on Asu-chan’s beautiful skin, her daughter has a sweet smell and dad’s tongue usage, and there is also a body and so on. What happens if I have sex like this? ?? So, let’s look forward to seeing it from here onwards! !! It was a shame-lol If I had to say one word, “It was awesome.” I can say with pride in her heart. Suzuki Family Psycho (^-^) Congratulations [Notice] Uncle Lori of “domestic circumstances” who likes voyeurism, panchira, incest, minors, everyday voyeurism, pretty uniform girls, videos from everyone in the country We are looking for.