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Free JAV 259LUXU-1295 ラグジュTV 1278 『求めすぎてセフレを気絶させてしまいました…』北京語通訳士の才色兼備美女がラグジュTVに登場!濃厚なセックスの快感に酔いしれ肉欲そそるグラマラスボディを震わせ何度も絶頂を繰り返す! 恵美 24歳 通訳士兼秘書 赤井えちか Akai Echika

Ms. Emi who came to us today is her first appearance. Her profession with an intelligent aura is a simultaneous interpreter for Mandarin and Japanese. Emi is half Chinese and Japanese, and her father is Chinese. That’s why I naturally learned Chinese and got a job now. Emi is clever and beautiful, but she seems to be in love with her and she doesn’t have a boyfriend for a year and a half. However, he seems to have about two sex friends, and it seems that he is not in trouble with the sexual processing partner. Ms. Emi describes herself as having a stronger libido than others. One night’s play was not enough in the first round, and when I asked for it three or four times, I had the experience that my opponent fainted. I wasn’t satisfied with the sex of ordinary men, so he applied for AV shooting this time. As you exchange rich kisses and caress your abundant body, your breathing gradually becomes rough, and a pretty pant voice occasionally leaks. When the cock that turned upside down is stroked with an odious hand and it is included in the mouth, it is served with a violent fellatio. In the long-awaited insertion, the inside of the vagina is violently pistoned and the cum is repeated many times. Enjoy Emi’s talented sex in this episode.

Actors: Echika Akai