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JAV Online Streaming 259LUXU-1283 ラグジュTV 1269 ドMな彼とのセックスに不満を持つ女性経営者がAV出演!普段は味わうことの無い激しいセックスで全身を突き抜ける刺激に昇天を繰り返す!大きな乳房を振り乱し、無毛の秘所から愛液が滴り、欲情したオンナが本能の撮影に酔いしれる…。 草薙香 28歳 ネイルサロン経営(兼ネイリスト)

I’m not satisfied with my boyfriend’s sex… says Kaoru Kusanagi (28) who complains in an interview. While running a nail salon in Tokyo, she is a young female owner who also plays an active role as a nail artist. Although I have a gentle boyfriend in private, I applied for Luxu TV because of the reason I said at the beginning. Talking in more detail, “It’s a pain to keep attacking because my boyfriend is the receiver when it comes to sex…” This seems to be a major reason. “I also want to taste the blame of sex…” Shooting that begins while suppressing the excitement. The frustrated body is unraveled by the actor’s foreplay and it’s bikun! Bikun…! Reacts, and the cheeks ● that are presented in front of you are caught deeply in your throat and tasted. The joy juice drips from the secret place, and if you insert it deeply from behind like a lid, you will hear a high-pitched voice and ascend. Mr. Ka who enjoys intense sex that she usually does not taste while shaking her big breasts and making an obscene smile. Please enjoy her in this story by strongly hugging and lusting for a kiss.

Actors: Kaoru Kusanagi