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MIAA-100 Eimi Fukada Dreams Of Becoming A Photographer


My Girlfriend Went To Tokyo NTR Part.2 My Girlfriend Was An Intelligent, Literary Girl Who Had Dreams Of Becoming A Photographer, So She Went To Tokyo, And Then Both Her Body And Soul Were Taken From Me Amy Fukada 彼女の上京NTR Part.2 カメラマンになる夢を抱いて上京し、都会の男に身も心も奪われた僕の文系彼女 深田えいみ

Dating started with the childhood friend Eimi and his long-cherished wishes. However, she left me and moved to Tokyo, leaving her as a photographer. “Let’s write a letter!” I was encouraged by the letter sent regularly every season, and at the same time, I felt that it was dyed by the city, making me feel complicated. On the other hand, Eimi has a physical relationship with Chara-senpai who met in the photo circle. The innocent school girl in the countryside was dyed by the man’s cock in the city every time the season passes … !

Actors: Eimi Fukada