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MIAA-087 Incontinence New Female Teacher Miyuki Arisaka


Tied Up Incontinence The New Female Teacher Becomes Test Subject For Science Department Miyuki Arisaka 拘束と失禁 科学部のために実験体になった新任女教師 有坂深雪

There is no libido in this work! This is a record of all of the extreme experiments between the otaku who are studying the mechanism of women’s pleasure incontinence and the new female teachers who are counselors who cooperate with the experiments. Miyuki Arisaka will be restrained because the boring body reacts to the stimulus from the incontinence experiment and accurate recording cannot be taken. It seems that Miyuki-sensei’s crotch faucet has been completely broken after repeated incontinence without being able to move in various ways.

Actors: Miyuki Arisaka