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KEED-57 Mayuko Okamura Gets Fucked By Her Daughters Boyfriend


KEED-57 Mayuko Okamura Gets Fucked By Her Daughter’s Boyfriend 娘の彼氏に膣奥を突かれイキまくった母 岡村麻友子

My daughter has a boyfriend. Mayuko welcomed her daughter’s boyfriend who came to the house and watched the happy two with a smile. Suddenly one day, Mayuko is attacked by her daughter’s boyfriend Takeshi. As he visited the house many times, Take was fascinated by the adult scent of Mayuko. I can’t betray my daughter. Mayuko desperately resists, but cannot resist the strength of a young man. And Mayuko was embarrassed that she felt more than the fact that she was fucked.

Actors: Mayuko Okamura