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GTJ-074 Skewered Torture Miyuki Arisaka


Skewered Torture Miyuki Arisaka 串刺し拷問 有坂深雪

Arisaka Miyuki, Gachinko SM first challenge! At the beginning, she was hung upside-down by bondage training and crying after many hard whip. Furthermore, drooping drooling in a relentless crotch torture, it flies away. Subsequently, it was suspended in an M shape and whipped unprotected genitals. Terrible, too cruel! FUCK skewered down as it is! Furthermore, she was completely restrained by a flat stand and fainted in hard illusion and candle blame. A wooden club is thrust into the genitals many times. Taste the ultimate ecstasy where intense pain and pleasure intersect, complete ascension!

Actors: Miyuki Arisaka