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GGEN-002 Turn Any Woman Into Sex Hostess


I Found A Hypnotism CD That Will Turn Any Woman Into Sex Hostess, So I Tried It Out On A Martial Arts Gal Who Looks Down On Me… 女子がみんな即席セクキャバ嬢になる催眠CDをゲッツしたので俺を格下扱いする武闘派ギャルのまんさんに試してみると… Hazuki Reira 纹身 JAV

Gal who hates being bent in the neighborhood. My daily life screams like me every day. “Do not forget the day of garbage that doesn’t burn” or “Don’t forget the day of the cleaning day”. So I bought an instant hypnosis CD that I got from a suspicious mail order. I heard that there was an interesting CD for the gal who yelled as usual … What a Tsundere Sekkyaba Miss!

Actors: Hazuki Reira