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DTT-041 Naughty Delusion Librarian Ena Takami AV Debut


Naughty Delusion Librarian Ena Takami AV Debut むっつりスケベ妄想癖人妻 変態オナニスト高見えな 現役図書館司書AVデビュー ムッツリ奥様のエッチな妄想を具現化!!激イキ!!人生初・絶頂!!

29 years old “Ena Takami” works as a librarian in public library. Up until now, Mr. Ubu has only 2 people, but he likes sensual novels for 15 years and has a delusional habit. The reason for jumping into the AV world is “for my own shit” … When the actor and lips are layered and soft milk is swallowed, the pant voice leaks unintentionally. When licking the pubic area where the joy juice overflows, the horny body is twisted. When a meat stick is included in the mouth, it is carefully licked using a large amount of saliva. When the secret part is broken by the warped meat stick and given a fierce piston, the reason collapses and gets drunk at the climax many times.

Actors: Ena Takami