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CAWD-018 Eimi Fukada Secret Story


CAWD-018 Eimi Fukada’s Story When She Was Squeezed By A Big Breasts Sensation And Caught Inside 美乳の彼女が巨漢センパイに圧迫固定で寝取られ中出しされた時の話です 深田えいみ

Yuuji and Eimi have been dating for 3 months. I have a short history of dating, but I want to be with Eimi in the future, and live almost together. One day, Yuji met with Eimi after practice at the university circle, and the senior Nakata, Nakata, knew Yuji’s girlfriend, Eimi. Nakata forcibly invites Eimi to the circle drinking party and plans to reduce the distance from Eimi by forcing Yuji to drink.

Actors: Eimi Fukada