Arisu Mizushima, Aoi Kururigi, Renon Kanae HUNTA466


Arisu Mizushima, Aoi Kururigi, Renon Kanae, Haruka Yuna, Misaki Yumeno HUNTA466 合宿中の女子新体操部の息抜きはボクのチ○ポだけ!!無職のボクは、毎年夏になると親戚が経営する合宿所を手伝わされる。また汗臭い男の世話か~と憂鬱になっていると、やって来たのは女子新体操部!今までになかった光景にムラムラ…していたのはボクだけじゃなかった…
The Girls’ Gymnastic Team Is In Training Camp, And I’m Their Only Source Of Relaxation!! I’m An Unemployed Loser, And Every Summer, My Parents Force Me To Help Out At The Training Camp Facility That They Run I Always Get Depressed, Thinking About All The Sweaty Guys That I Have To Work With, But This Time It Was A Girls’ Gymnastic Team! I Was Treated To A Heavenly Sight That I’d Never Seen Before, And That Got Me Feeling Horny… And The Feeling Was Mutual…

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